23 Apr 2005

Father of Vanuatu singer fined US$1400 for Brisbane airport bomb joke

7:20 am on 23 April 2005

The father of a Vanuatu singer Vanessa Quai has been fined the equivalent of about US$1,400 for making a joke about a bomb in his luggage at Brisbane Airport.

Nigel Anthony Quai had pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Magistrates Court to a charge of threatening aviation security.

Quai made the bomb comment to his nephew, Albert Viranatuleo, as he was preparing to board a flight to Vanuatu on Tuesday night.

The magistrate, Walter Ehrich, fined Quai and gave him one week to pay.

Outside court, Quai said there should be some kind of notice at the airport that you can't make those kinds of jokes because there are people coming to the airport from different backgrounds who may not know Australian law.