20 Apr 2005

Flooded river sweeps Fiji man to his death in north of Viti Levu

9:38 am on 20 April 2005

Police in Fiji say a flooded river has swept a man to his death in the north of the main island, Viti Levu.

Inspector Silo Lomalagi of the disaster management office says they've recovered the body of an indigenous Fijian who'd been working for the public works department at Rakiraki.

"They were tasked to do repair work on the other side of the river. They decided to swim across when the current was getting stronger. He was the only one that was caught by the current and swept away."

Inspector Lomalagi says two bridges have been flooded in the central division.

He says roads are still open in the Nadi area despite flood damage in Nadi town.