19 Apr 2005

Fiji authorities asked not to deport 'Mafia Queen' daughter

10:23 am on 19 April 2005

The guardian of the daughter of the deported Chinese national widely known as the Mafia Queen of Fiji has filed a stay order against the minister for home affairs and immigration, Josefa Vosanibola.

The Fiji Sun reports that Jioji Bakoso's High Court writ seeks the return of the Mafia Queen whose real name is Yan Xiu Hua.

Mr Bakoso is quoted as saying he has filed the application because he is a business associate of Ms Yan and the guardian of her daughter, Wei Wei Cheng.

Last week the minister revoked Wei Wei Cheng's Fiji passport saying it was illegally issued and said she would be deported to join her mother.

But Mr Bakoso says he wants the writ heard before anything is done to Wei Wei Cheng.

Mr Bakoso says she is in the country legally because she was born in Fiji and her mother should come back from China.