16 Apr 2005

Fiji churches told not to let themselves be used as political tools

7:33 am on 16 April 2005

Churches in Fiji have been urged not to allow themselves to be used as political tools and let the country to be turned into a Christian state.

The call has been made by the former president of the Fiji Law Society, Chen Bunn Young, at a regional meeting of Transparency International.

Mr Young said churches have allowed themselves to be adulterated into political tools.

He said it wasn't surprising that Fiji finds itself with leaders who are dishonest, incompetent, untrustworthy, lacking in judgement and void of basic moral convictions.

Mr Young said calls for a Christian state are wrong because it would only be a legal imposition and wouldn't change people's hearts.

He said Christians are persecuting Indians, and he urged them not to go and loot temples and burn mosques.