15 Apr 2005

Fiji authorities to deport daughter of alleged Mafia Queen

7:26 am on 15 April 2005

The 11-year old daughter of the Chinese national described as the Mafia Queen of Fiji will be deported.

The chief executive of the ministry of home affairs, Dr Lesi Korovavala, confirmed this on Fiji TV last night.

Mr Korovavala says the deportation will take place after investigations are completed into how she was issued with a Fiji passport on March the 23rd just two weeks before her mother, Yan Xua Hua, was deported to China.

Dr Korovavala said the passport has been revoked after it was found to have been issued illegally.

He says the minister for home affairs, Josefa Vosanibola, used the powers vested in him to revoke the passport.

An official of the Immigration Department has already been suspended as investigations continue.

Dr Korovavala says procedures used in the issuance of Fiji passports are being tightened.