14 Apr 2005

Passport for Mafia Queen's daughter processed illegally - Fiji police

8:44 pm on 14 April 2005

Fiji police say they have determined that the passport issued to the daughter of the so-called Mafia Queen was done illegally.

11-year old Wei Wei Cheng was issued a Fiji passport on the 23rd of March, just two weeks before her mother, Chinese national Yan Xua Hua, was deported.

The assistant commissioner of police, Kemueli Bulamainaivalu says they are trying to determine the whereabouts of the girl who has been featured daily on local TV and in newspapers.

He says they want to speak to the fugitive girl to verify certain information.

Mr Bulamainaivalu says they will approach the media to disclose the location of the girl so she can be interviewed.

Meanwhile, the Fiji Prime Minister's Office has confirmed receiving a letter from Wei Wei Cheng pleading for his intervention to let her stay in Fiji.

The chief executive of the office, Jioji Kotobalavu, says the letter was handed in by Wei Wei Cheng's guardian, Jioji Bakoso, who is also on the police interview list.