14 Apr 2005

Tonga becomes official Chinese tourist destination

3:18 pm on 14 April 2005

The Tongan visitors bureau says it won't cater to the mass market in China, which has approved the Kingdom as a tourist destination.

The Tourist Minister, James Cecil Cocker, has signed an agreement with the Chinese ambassador to Tonga, Gao Shanhai, securing the approved destination status for Chinese citizens.

The deputy director of the Tongan visitor's bureau, Sione Moala-Mafa, says the Chinese market is too big for Tonga.

He says they'll focus on a specific market.

"We'll be looking at soft adventures, we'll be selecting a target market, we're looking at needs market, we're looking at soft adventure market. People who are interested in yachties, people who are interested in diving and people who are interested in soft adventures such as kayaking and whale watching."

Sione Moala-Mafa