14 Apr 2005

Ex-patriate Tokelauans to be called on for promises of help

10:19 am on 14 April 2005

Tokelauans living overseas who offered help to rebuild the atolls after a destructive cyclone hit two months ago are likely to be called on soon.

A UN led team has completed its assessment of the damage after Cyclone Percy and says rebuilding the sea walls and dealing with the waste on the atolls are priorities.

Tokelau's senior government official, Falani Aukuso is in Wellington for discussions on the repairs needed and who will pay for them.

Tokelauans had offered their skills to the atolls after the disaster but Mr Aukuso says so far there has been no opportunity to take up the offer.

"I imagine that now we are going into the second phase where it's big that's when I think these people will be approached again, and (we will ) go back to the three atolls again and ask where you need the most once that planning gets into place. So that approach has certainly been appreciated and they will be contacted again - both individuals and companies."