12 Apr 2005

Brisbane airport delays flight to Vanuatu over ammunition carrier

8:21 am on 12 April 2005

Brisbane airport authorities say they were justified in delaying a flight to Vanuatu, when ammunition was found on an Air Vanuatu flight.

A spokesman for Brisbane airport, Jim Carden, says there were concerns for passenger safety, after the discovery of cartridges in the luggage of an Air Vanuatu flight attendant, Johnny Garae.

Mr Carden says anyone carrying ammunition requires a permit by Australian law.

A long delay sparked complaints from passengers wanting to travel from the Solomons to Port Vila, through Australia .

"The delay was caused, not by the discovery so much of ammunition - which was apparently ammunition only, not a weapon - and the delay was caused by the requirement to find a replacement crew member."

Jim Carden.

Johnny Garae was detained by Australian police and subsequently fined for the offence.