11 Apr 2005

Vanuatu air attendant fined for trying to take ammunition out of Australia without a permit

8:24 pm on 11 April 2005

An Air Vanuatu flight attendant has been caught carrying ammunition in his hand luggage as the airline's sole plane was about to leave Australia.

Brisbane airport authorities had the crew member removed from the plane for not having a permit allowing him to carry dangerous goods.

Our correspondent in Port Villa, Len Garae, says the flight attendant, Johnny Garae, had tried to bring five kilograms of ammunition home from overseas for a friend.

Len Garae says the flight attendant claims he didn't realise Australia required a permit to carry ammunition.

"It wasn't as if he was trying to smuggle in ammunition. He brought some ammunition and he was putting it through in his luggage which was identified on the scanner and raised questions from the Brisbane security, and he was removed and detained."

Len Garae says Johnny Garae was fined for the offence, and his future with the airline under review.