7 Apr 2005

Solomons government called on to speak out on social problems

5:03 pm on 7 April 2005

There's a call for the Solomon Islands Government to speak out about the burgeoning social problems in the country.

The outgoing police commissioner, Bill Morrell, says with law and order restored, social problems have become more apparent.

He says action needs to taken otherwise there will be a resurgence in criminality.

Rose Maebiru of Save the Children, agrees, and says the problems include lack of work opportunities, teenage pregnancies, prostitution and the increasing incidence of sexually transmitted diseases.

She says NGOs can only do so much and she would like the Government to take a stand on these issues.

"And start talking about it and start doing something about it too. I think the important is doing something about it. They can talk about it but if nothing really happens or no resources are allocated for this then we will still end up facing the same problems and its increasing, like it's building up."