7 Apr 2005

Fiji's National Alliance Party says convict should stop getting ministerial pay

10:19 am on 7 April 2005

Fiji's new National Alliance Party has called for the immediate suspension of the salary being paid to the jailed minister for lands, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu.

The Fiji Sun quotes the party spokesman and longtime former cabinet minister, Filipe Bole, as saying chiefs are the source of power in Laisenia Qarase's SDL government and more of them need to go to prison.

Mr Bole says the court has made its decision, the man is convicted and his salary must be stopped immediately.

Mr Bole says it's like that for any other person, and asks why it's not for the jailed minister.

He says the Employment Act clearly stipulates that upon conviction, a person loses his pay immediately.

Mr Bole says the minister has been proven guilty.