5 Apr 2005

New GIP boss satisfied with deal with French Polynesian government

2:49 pm on 5 April 2005

The new head of French Polynesia's intervention force, the GIP, says he is satisfied with the agreement reached with the French Polynesian government after the GIP staged its second rebellion in the past two weeks.

In a deal brokered by the French state to end a blockade of the territory's main port, Yannick Boosie has now been made the GIP's boss for three months while the government will undertake a review of the force whose ranks were increased to more than 12-hundred members in the past six months.

His appointment is limited to three months, with his predecessor and head of the rebellion, Rere Puputauki, saying the outcome amounts to a 80 percent victory.

Last week's blockade was called after the GIP accused the government of reneging on its Easter accord that ended the first blockade.

Mr Boosie has told local television that he hopes the latest agreement will be respected so that the GIP won't have to block the port again.

The GIP's rebellions began last month when the new government of Oscar Temaru appointed Robert Maker as GIP boss.

Mr Maker was subsequently dropped.