4 Apr 2005

A protest organiser won't let Australia get away with insulting Papua New Guinea leader

7:07 pm on 4 April 2005

A protest organiser in Papua New Guinea says marches could go nationwide to protest against the Australian treatment of the Papua New Guinea Prime Minister last month.

Steve Mera says another protest march in the capital tomorrow has gained widespread support since last week's marches outside the Australian High Commission.

The marches are protesting the treatment of Sir Michael Somare by Australian airport authorities in Brisbane a fortnight ago, when he was asked to remove his shoes in a security check.

Steve Mera, who works for the PNG Civil Society, says he's one of a growing number of concerned citizens.

He says more protests are likely in other cities as well, because enough is enough.

"Well if the Australians think they can insult our Prime Minister and live with it, particularly when he's an icon - not only for Papua New Guinea but for the region, then they are making a mistake."

Steve Mera says people are wanting more than just an apology from Australia, over the incident.