4 Apr 2005

Call for more funding at Fiji hospital maternity unit

7:16 pm on 4 April 2005

There's been a call in Fiji for urgent funds to be injected into Suva's Colonial War Memorial Hospital.

The vice-president and incoming president of Fiji's College of General Practitioners, Dr Wahid Khan says the neonatal unit only has one resuscitation machine and needs two more.

His comments come after the deaths of five infants in the unit last week, with fears more babies with breathing difficulties could die if the lack of equipment is not addressed.

The Fiji Times quotes an unnamed gynaecologist as saying the machine has been infected by bacteria.

Dr Khan says he supports the gynaecologist's claim that the situation surrounding the resuscitation machine contributed to the infant deaths last week.

"The fact that a couple of the machines that were there, and were working, are not working at the moment, means there is a lack in maintenance. Or the real issue is, maybe those machines have outlived their use and need to replaced, that's another way of looking at it. But for sure I think there's a need for funds to be injected into that sector of the service."

The vice-president of the Fiji College of General Practitioners, Dr Wahid Khan