1 Apr 2005

College of Marshall Islands warned over approaching accreditation deadline

8:35 am on 1 April 2005

Officials at the College of the Marshall Islands say they're optimistic about an intensive visit by a three-member commission from the United States Western Association of Schools and Colleges, which could decide their accreditation status.

The team head, Dr Robert Harris, has made it clear to the College's staff, students and the community, that there are going to be no more extensions of time for the college, with an announcement due in June.

The College is on the final rung before losing accreditation, after being on probation for more than two years.

If it loses accreditation, the College will lose access to more than US$4 million in federal student aid funding - about half of the college's budget.

It will also end the ability of students to transfer grades to

American colleges.

College records show that more than 95 per cent of the 611 students at the college, use this US federal aid to pay for tuition costs.