31 Mar 2005

American Samoa hospital to get $US500,000 to ease medication crisis

9:27 am on 31 March 2005

The Senate President in American Samoa, Lolo Moliga says the Governor Togiola Tulafono has finally agreed to use special funds to provide half a million US dollars for the LBJ Hospital medication crisis, after vetoing the measure for reasons that the Senate questioned and later addressed.

Lolo said the governor wasn't aware of the serious situation at the hospital and that he didn't appreciate the LBJ Hospital board going directly to the Fono without coming to him first.

Last week Togiola vetoed a Fono-approved measure appropriating US$500,000 to set up an emergency account for the hospital to address the continued medication shortage.

A new measure also seeking half a million dollars was yesterday introduced in the Senate and Lolo told Senators that the Governor had agreed to all provisions of the meausre and will signed it into law once approved by the Fono.