29 Mar 2005

Tonga's police commander denies Crown Prince tells force what to do

4:39 pm on 29 March 2005

Tonga's police commander says Crown Prince Tupouto'a doesn't tell the police force what to do, or ask for investigations to be held.

Commander Sinilau Kolokihakaufisi says claims by the former minister of police, Clive Edwards, that the Crown Prince ordered the police to investigate him, are untrue.

He says the claims seem to be politically motivated and nobody in the police force is undertaking an operation in regards to Mr Edwards.

And, the commander says there's no special line of communication with the Crown Prince.

"Actually there is none. He is the Crown Prince. If he wants to lodge a complaint, he would be just like anybody else. The law is the same to anybody and that's the principle we go by."

Commander Kolokihakaufisi says if Mr Edwards wants to take the matter further, he needs to lodge an official complaint with the police.