29 Mar 2005

Tonga's police commander denies investigation being held into former minister

1:39 pm on 29 March 2005

Tonga's police commander is denying that police are investigating the activities of its former minister, Clive Edwards, as he has claimed.

Mr Edwards says he's been told by associates that police have been asking questions about him and he believes this is being done because he fell out with Crown Prince Tupouto'a.

But, the commander, Sinilau Kolokihakaufisi, says the Crown Prince has not asked the police to investigate Mr Edwards.

The commander says the police have a procedure to follow and nobody is above the law.

"If it's a criminal offence, or an allegation, or complaint, then we have to look into it. There is no criminal complaint so far. I don't have any information from my office in regard to a complaint lodged by the Crown Prince in regard to Clive Edwards. There is none that I'm aware of on record in this office, or anywhere else in the force."

The police commander says Mr Edwards has sent them a copy of a letter which was addressed to the Crown Prince, alleging a police operation, but he says if it's to be taken any further, an official complaint must be lodged.