23 Mar 2005

Four Pacific leaders want more details on Pacific Plan implementation

8:23 pm on 23 March 2005

The four Pacific leaders who comprise the core group overseeing the development of the Pacific Plan on closer links in the region have called for more details on how the planned changes would be implemented.

The Plan, still in its draft form, outlines sweeping changes, but is yet to indicate how they could be achieved.

The core group, the Prime Ministers of New Zealand, Samoa and Papua New Guinea, and the President of the Marshall Islands, met for the first time in Auckland today.

New Zealand's Prime Minister, Helen Clark, says they now getting into some practical questions on how the Plan will work.

"In essence what we have agreed on here today is quite an intense pathway of activity as we further develop the proposal into specific actions, identifying who is responsible, who funds, where is its sequence, what is its key priorities, and we are aiming that by the time we get to the Forum in Port Moresby to have something very substantial to present to the leaders."

New Zealand's Prime Minister, Helen Clark.