22 Mar 2005

Solomons agriculture minister Sasako quits to take job in Brussels

9:29 pm on 22 March 2005

The Solomon Islands agriculture minister, Alfred Sasako, has resigned from the government and parliament to take up a job in Brussels.

Mr Sasako quit the opposition last year to join the government as agriculture minister after the previous minister, Alex Bartlett, was charged with arson and other crimes.

Mr Sasako has been an MP since 1997 and he was a minister until the government he was part of was ousted in a coup in 2000.

He says he will now take up a job at the secretariat of the African, Caribbean and Pacific group in Brussels.

"It is the secretariat that looks after the biggest donor funding in the world and I think I feel not only privileged but honoured to be selected for the appointment."

Alfred Sasako.

In further changes, James Tora is to take over the reconciliation ministry from the caretaker minister, Michael Maina, who was sacked after he was charged with theft.