21 Mar 2005

Committee calls for opening of drug rehab centre in Fiji

3:18 pm on 21 March 2005

The Senate Select-Committee on Drugs in Fiji is calling on the government to open a drug rehabilitation centre.

The Committee is due to table a report in parliament soon.

Its chairman, Villiame Navoka says the committee has concluded that the breakdown in family structure and values has led to drug use in Fiji.

Mr Navoka says there are two main solutions that will be proposed in parliament.

"There have been suggestions for harsher penalties as well, there has never been any rehabilitation centre that has been set up within the country. So it really calls for the setting up of a rehabilitation centre to provide curable solutions, particularly to the drug offenders or drug addicts."

The Chairman of the Senate Select-Committee on Drugs, Villiame Navoka.