21 Mar 2005

Fiji Telecom workers union concerned about redundancy package offer

4:21 pm on 21 March 2005

The president of Fiji's Telecom workers union says management needs to come up with a better voluntary redundancy package than the one they're currently offering all staff.

Timoci Motokula has confirmed that all of Telecom's 1200-plus workers have been offered voluntary redundancy as part of a restructuring plan.

Mr Motokula says some of the workers are willing to take up the package, but the union does not accept the formula on offer of two weeks for every year worked after a three month payout.

He says the union has made its stand clear that any redundancies have to be voluntary..

"Whatever numbers the company would like to arrive at, they need to come up with a better package but not to force the worker to go home. What we're saying is if the workers wishes to continue to work until retirement, yep, we'll support that:... but not to be forced to go. But in the areas whereby the company sees fit to outsource certain responsibilities, certain work units, we wish to be consulted on that."

The president of Fiji's Telecom workers union, Timoci Motokula