15 Mar 2005

Fiji Government coalition member threatens legal action over what it calls selective justice

4:38 pm on 15 March 2005

Fiji's pro-coup Conservative Alliance Matanitu Vanua party has threatened to take prominent people in the country to the International Court of Justice.

Radio Legend says the junior partner in the coalition government will take this step if it does not get satisfaction from law enforcement agencies.

The radio says the party has written to the chief magistrate, David Balram, complaining that it has been a victim of what it calls selective justice in the charging of people involved in the coup.

In the letter, the party president, Ratu Tanoa Cakobau, alleges that the police commissioner and the director of public prosecutions have not charged anyone with the removal from office of the former president, the late Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara.

The party says senior army and navy officers involved committed an act of treason.

It has named the military commander Commodore Bainimarama, the former prime minister Sitiveni Rabuka, the high commissioner in Australia Brigadier General George Konrote and the ambassador to the United Nations Col Isikia Savua.

It has also named the Speaker of parliament Ratu Epeli Nailatikau and the former chairman of the Great Council of Chiefs Ratu Epeli Ganilau as being among those involved.

The pro-coup party says it will take the issue to the International Court of Justice if nothing is done.