14 Mar 2005

Date set for Solomon Islands trial of Jimmy Rasta

4:22 pm on 14 March 2005

While Solomon Islands awaits the verdict in the trial of militant leader Harold Keke for the murder of Cabinet Minister, Father Augustine Geve, the date for another high profile trial has been set.

The former commander of the militant group, the Malaita Eagle Force, Jimmy Lusibaea, who is also known as Jimmy Rasta, will appear in the High Court on April 4th to face a murder charge.

Lusibaea and two others, Patterson Saeni and Eddly Iro'ota, are charged over the killing of a man who was in police custody in Honiara.

The victim was being questioned over the suspected arson of a Honiara commercial building which housed the offices of the Eagle Force lawyer, Andrew Nori.

Lusibaea is already serving a five year term for robbery.

The verdict in the Keke trial is due to be delivered on Friday.