14 Mar 2005

Senate President in American Samoa warns about enforcement of immigration laws

11:10 am on 14 March 2005

The Senate President in American Samoa has expressed concern about what he called the agressive manner in which immigration laws are being enforced.

Lolo Letalu Moliga has written to the Attorney General, Sialega Malaetasi Togafau, setting out his worries about immigration procedures.

Lolo said the Senate has received several complaints about the ill treatment of overstayers by immigration office staff.

He told the Attorney General to be mindful that the Daewoosa Samoa incident had labelled American Samoa as a violator of human rights and to be sensitive to the rights of aliens.

The Senate President has suggested a 30 day grace period for illegal aliens to make themselves legal.

After that time, anyone found to be there illegally can be deported and prohibited from returning to American Samoa for a set time period.