10 Mar 2005

Fiji Democratic Party criticises Rabuka remarks about ethnic Indian prime minister

11:13 am on 10 March 2005

The Fiji Democratic Party has described the former prime minister, Sitiveni Rabuka's comments on an Indian prime minister for the country as propaganda for next year's general election.

Mr Rabuka told the FIJI SUN yesterday that no ethnic Indian should hope to be prime minister of the country and should learn from Sonia Gandhi who backed away from the prime minister's job when her Congress Party won the elections in India.

Mr Rabuka said there could be another coup if there was a change in leadership but added that anyone harbouring such thoughts should be mindful of what the police are doing to clear up the mess of the Speight coup.

Commenting on this, the leader of the Fiji Democratic Party, Filipe Bole, says Mr Rabuka's rejection of Indian leadership is uncalled for.

Mr Bole says the 1997 Constitution was the baby of the Rabuka government which agreed that the leader of the winning party must become the prime minister and the Democratic Party fully supports this.

Mr Bole says the voters should decide who should lead the country as the prime minister first has to be elected to parliament.