9 Mar 2005

PNG Governor says he can't wait for police to improve law and order

9:11 pm on 9 March 2005

The Governor of Papua New Guinea's Morobe province says it cannot wait for police or Australian help to improve law and order issues in the area.

The Morobe regional police commander, Giossi Labi, based in the provincial capital Lae, says police will not hesitate to shoot to kill if confronted with a dangerous situation.

Governor Luther Wenge says PNG media have overstated the crime situation, but it needs improving and the province cannot wait for others to do it.

"We can't rely with Papua New Guinea policemen, with all due respect. They haven't got a good system in town. They're trying to bring the Austrlians in to do it for them, but I think this country is an independent country, we are as intelligent as Australians, and let's use whatever expertise or knowledge or whatever we have, and the resources we have,. We should come up with something."

Mr Wenge plans to introduce legislation in the provincial assembly to introduce an ID card scheme for all eligible voters and those above age 15.

He also wants to set up a crimes intelligence unit to investigate and prevent crimes, and a village record system to add to other information on people's whereabouts.