8 Mar 2005

People on Nassau in the Cooks hope boat reaches them today

10:19 am on 8 March 2005

People on Nassau in the northern Cook Islands are hoping that a boat loaded with supplies will reach them today, more than a week after cyclone Percy caused widespread damage.

Two boats have been able to drop off emergency supplies, including tarpaulins, tents, food and water to the nearby island of Pukapuka which was also devastated.

But, Sergeant Tuaine Maunga says rough seas yesterday prevented any offloading at Nassau.

Sergeant Maunga says people have been busy ahead of the expected arrival of the boats.

"At the moment, it's just cleaning up and rebuilding. And, the people will be waiting for iron roofs but what they have now on the island - they're just trying to rebuild from the materials they have saved from the cyclone."

Sergeant Tuaine Maunga hopes a flight might soon be sent to Pukapuka, along with a team to assess the damage.