8 Mar 2005

Honiara city police push for community participation

10:24 am on 8 March 2005

The Solomon Islands capital, Honiara, is experiencing a boost in community policing with the city's officers taking a pro-active role.

The Fijian Chief Superintendent, Romano Tikotikoca has been posted to the city station under the Regional Assistance Mission.

Chief Superintendent Tikotikoca will mentor the newly appointed local Provincial Police Commander, and is at the forefront of the push to have community participation.

He says while schools are being visited, a operation has been launched within the town boundary to curb rising lawlessness.

"What we are doing is trying to boost up police presence especially in crime-prone areas, conduct snap roadblocks in certain locations, given certain times, check for the movements of members of the community, and also stop and search vehicles, check for traffic violators, and also look out for wanted people."

Chief Superintendent Tikotikoca says obvious changes will be slow.