7 Mar 2005

People on Nassau in the Cooks still waiting for supplies

1:45 pm on 7 March 2005

People on Nassau in the northern Cook Islands are still waiting for supplies to reach them, more than a week after cyclone Percy caused widespread damage.

Two boats were able to reach the nearby island of Pukapuka which was also devastated and emergency supplies, including tents, tarpaulins, food and water, have been dropped off there.

Sergeant Tuaine Maunga says rough seas prevented the boats from being able to drop supplies at Nassau.

"Hopefully tomorrow, the boats will go back into Nassau, and hopefully the sea will be calm by this time. That is the situation now."

Sergeant Maunga says people are cleaning up and rebuilding with what they have.

600 people on Pukapuka and 40 on Nassau were left with only a few buildings intact in the wake of the cyclone.