5 Mar 2005

FBI completes tax record seizures in American Samoa investigation

8:11 am on 5 March 2005

The FBI says its officers have completed a search of the Governor's Office, the Treasury Computer Room and the Attorney General's Office, as part of an investigation into alleged corruption.

The agents wanted to get hold of four years' worth of tax records from a list of government officials, individuals and businesses.

Those whose tax records were turned over to the agents included the Acting Governor, Ipulasi Aitofele Sunia, the former Attorney general, Fiti Sunia, and the Korean businessman, Heung Man Lim.

Also investigated were the former Director of Human and Social Services Patolo Mageo, the Former Director of Education Dr Sili Sataua, the former Manager of the School Lunch Programme Toetu Solaita, the former commissioner of Public Safety, Tuiteleleapaga Peseta Fue, and the Commander of the Marine Patrol Division, Parauni Faauaa.

The Acting Treasurer, Francis Leasiolagi, says the department has cooperated with the FBI and everything that the agents have asked for has been provided.