3 Mar 2005

Boat with relief supplies to leave for Cooks' Pukapuka and Nassau

9:17 am on 3 March 2005

A boat filled with emergency supplies is due to leave for the cyclone devastated islands of Pukapuka and Nassau in the Cook Islands this morning.

A New Zealand airforce Hercules was meant to fly to the devastated area yesterday, but decided to fly to Penrhyn instead, where a boat has been loaded with supplies, such as food, medicines and clothes.

Inspector Taivaro Isamaera says it should be in Manihiki tomorrow and reach Pukapuka by Saturday.

He says people in Pukapuka are in high spirits as they begin the clean up.

And while there were no injuries or casualties from Cyclone Percy, he says there was a birth.

"They had one baby born on the night of the hurricane. The baby is fine, and the mother too. They are both well. And it's being rumored the baby might be named Percy."

Inspector Isamaera, of the Emergency Operations Centre in the Cook Islands.