2 Mar 2005

Two Solomons ministers asked to resign their warrants

11:23 am on 2 March 2005

Solomon Islands Prime Minister Sir Allan Kemakeza has announced the removal of two ministers from their portfolio's following charges being laid against them.

Police and Justice Minister Michael Maina has been charged with one count of theft and Provincial Affairs Minister Clement Rojumana with five counts of official corruption.

Sir Allan revealed that Rojumana has resigned following his request but Mr Maina has yet to reply to a letter written to him asking for his resignation.

Rojumana will be replaced by Stephen Paeni, Michael Maina by Augustine Taneko and Basil Manelegua will take up the Mines and Energy portfolio in the reshuffle.

In a statement announcing the reshuffle Sir Allan said he hoped the changes reflected the maturity among the leadership within his Government especially when the integrity of certain members has been questioned by some of their actions.