2 Mar 2005

Marshall Islanders call for justice for living nuclear survivors

11:19 am on 2 March 2005

Survivors of the largest ever United States hydrogen bomb test in the Marshall Islands have called for fair compensation, during a ceremony to mark the 51st anniversary of the test.

The Mayor of Rongelap Atoll, James Matayoshi was joined by Marshall Islands government officials and survivors in expressing concern about the lack of adequate U.S. compensation.

The atoll was worst affected by the radioactive fallout from the 15-megaton Bravo test on the 1st of March 1954.

The anniversary is marked in the Marshall Islands with a national holiday known as Nuclear Survivors Day.

During the ceremony, the U.S. Ambassador, Greta Morris, said that since the 1950s, the U.S. has provided more than $500 million in funding for radiation-related health care, environmental monitoring and compensation.