1 Mar 2005

Papua human rights advocate wins recognition in Suva

7:30 pm on 1 March 2005

A human rights group in the Indonesian province of Papua, Elsham, has won the 5th Pacific Human Rights Award in Suva.

The awards are organised by the UNDP's Regional Rights Resource Team and presented in Suva.

Elsham, the Institute for Human Rights and Advocacy, has won an international reputation for its reporting or human rights abuses in the province.

New Zealand's high commissioner to Fiji, Michael Green, who presented the awards, says Elsham's work exposes powerful institutions to unaccustomed scrutiny.

He says it can be difficult and dangerous work but Elsham's persistence has earned it a reputation as a key source of information on human rights violations in the province.

The runners up were the National Peace Council in Solomon Islands and the Pacific Islands Aids Foundation.