1 Mar 2005

American Samoa pushes teacher recruitment

4:33 pm on 1 March 2005

American Samoa's education department says the new taskforce needs to prioritise teacher recruitment.

The governor of American Samoa has established the taskforce to improve the quality of teacher education.

The deputy director for education, Lui Tuitele, says there's a shortage of qualified teachers, and are now aggressively advertising for teachers, both locally and overseas.

But he says recruitment is hard because of low salaries, but he hopes the governor's taskforce will be able to improve this.

And Mr Tuitele says he hopes new teaching scholarships will attract students.

"Big shortage in the territory and also nationwide of those kinds of areas, those core subject areas. But with this taskforce and this program the governor is creating, it helps out the dept of education, and hopefully in the near future we'll get more teachers interested in teachers."

Lui Tuitele says the six member taskforce is made up of officials from the department of education, the college of education, and the governor's office.