28 Feb 2005

Solomon Islands needs Truth and Reconciliation Commission says SICA

3:39 pm on 28 February 2005

There's a call in Solomon Islands for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to go ahead before a Human Rights Commission office is set up.

The Solomon Islands Christian Association, or SICA, says the government's proposed human rights office is a good idea but there are still issues connected with the civil conflict that need to be resolved first.

SICA's Commission director, Judy Fangalasuu, says they still haven't got the go ahead from the government to hold a Truth and Reconciliation commission.

She says the former minister of reconciliation, Nathaniel Waena, who's now the governor-general, gave a verbal indication that the government thought it was a good idea but there's been no further commitment from them to hold it.

Ms Fangalasuu says they're pursuing the issue.

"There's a new minister and a P.S. [permanent secretary]) that we saw. I mean we've spoken to and they said they're going to look at it. But, we're still waiting. Waiting for some indications and answers from them. Maybe we'll have to go and see them again."

Ms Fangalasuu says SICA is hoping to arrange a meeting with the minister, Augustine Taneko, and the permanent secretary, Ethel Sigimanu, next week.