25 Feb 2005

American Samoan watchdog presents list of concerns

6:54 pm on 25 February 2005

The American Samoa Watch dog group Common Cause has presented a list of concerns to Senate President Lolo Letalu Moliga.

President Taimane Johnson says members are encouraged by the enthusiastic response from Lolo and believe under his leadership some of their concerns will finally be addressed.

Ms Johnson says they want the re-establishment of the Senate-Select Investigative Committe and they support its work and the work of the Auditor.

"The Asian problems that we have, the immigration problem and of course the Development Bank. Everybody in American Samoa knows that the smell that's coming around now is not coming from the canneries, it is coming from the Development Bank, the corruption there and I think it needs to be exposed."

President Lolo says the immigration issue will be tackled through legislation that he would be sponsoring.

He says he wants to seek a repeal of the provision in the law allowing corporations and businesses to sponsor aliens.