23 Feb 2005

Niue public sector review likely to be a focus of April 30th election

4:31 pm on 23 February 2005

Niue is to go to the polls in two months and one likely candidate, the country's former high commissioner to New Zealand, Hima Takelesi, says the review of the public service will be a dominating issue.

The review is part of a memorandum of agreement reached between New Zealand and Niue, and is aimed at helping the island become economically independent.

In a draft of the review, former New Zealand State Services Commissioner, Don Hunn, has proposed cutting the number of public servants and government ministries.

Mr Takelesi says many locals will be concerned but the Government needs to be more efficient.

"As our population has decreased, the pool of human resources has effectively been decreased as well. And while we have a very small but dedicated and loyal public servants, we've also got to be realistic and look at ways of making the public service more efficient."