22 Feb 2005

Fiji senator urges government and military to talk through differences

4:17 pm on 22 February 2005

An opposition senator in Fiji with strong military links, Dr Epeli Nailatikau, says the country is tired of senior figures who are unable to resolve their differences.

His comments come after military lawyers filed a legal challenge in the High Court against the surcharge imposed on their commander by the government for exceeding his budget in 2003.

Dr Epeli Nailatkau says it is the job of those appointed to senior office to be able to find a way to over come conflicts:

"We need people who have bones and who have the moral will to do what is right, even if it is diffiuclt they have to stand by the authority given to them to do the right thing, and the public of this country are tired of mudslinging and counter accusations because this is childish to say the least."

Fiji Labour Senator, Dr Epeli Nailatkau