21 Feb 2005

Transparency International sceptical over Air Vanuatu board appointments

4:10 pm on 21 February 2005

Transparency International Vanuatu has heavily criticised the appointment of 28 new and inexperienced members to the board of the national carrier.

TI's Marie Noelle Ferrieux Patterson says it's too many when most international airlines have 10 experienced members.

The board was appointed after the sacking of the CEO and the marketing manager who are now both suing the company for dismissing them without following the proper procedure.

Ms Patterson says the appointment of such an inexperienced board is potentially disastrous when plans for the next few months are not even confirmed...

"Maybe it deserved a change after ten years but there's a proper proceedure and it needed to be done another way. And to appoint board members who have no idea what they are... in that type of professional environment, it can only lead to catastrophe, and we can't afford that. We depend on tourism. The tourism's going well, our economy's going well at the moment, so it's very sad to see such potential destruction gong on."

Marie Noelle Ferrieux Patterson.

Meanwhile, a government-ordered inquiry into the running of the one plane airline is to start after an internal investigation is completed.