14 Feb 2005

New vice-chancellor at University of the South Pacific to introduce new faculties

4:57 pm on 14 February 2005

The University of the South Pacific is expected to develop closer links with the private sector and develop graduates with an entrepreneurial attitude, under its new vice-chancellor.

Anthony Tarr, who's currently the Dean and Professor of Law at Indiana University in the United States, says he would like to see the USP become a much more significant player in economic development in the region.

He says as an example, he is talking with the private sector to see if the USP can attract software outsourcing.

Professor Tarr says contributing to economic growth and being more entrepreneurial, is not incompatible with the role of research in a university.

"I think good research often is the starting point for new businesses, new opportunities, especially, for example in the biotechnology field, there's a lot of opportunities for our marine scientists to act as a catalyst towards new drug developments and design ."

Professor Tarr says he plans to decentralise decision making and create four new faculties, including one on Oceans, Islands and the Environment, to reflect where the university is and where a lot of its expertise should reside.

Plans for the new faculties will go before the university senate and council in May.