14 Feb 2005

Two tropical cyclones in south Pacific

7:06 am on 14 February 2005

Weather forecasters say there are now two tropical cyclones in the south Pacific.

Nancy was upgraded to a cyclone over the weekend and is expected to develop winds of up to 93 kilometres an hour over the next 12 to 24 hours.

It is currently situated about a thousand kilometres east of Apia in Samoa.

It is moving south southeast, but is expected to turn southwards.

Olaf has just been named and is about 190 kilometres west of Funafuti in Tuvalu.

It is expected to move east at first before turning east southeast.

Winds at the centre are expected to pick up to 45 knots or 80 kilometres per hour, close to its centre over the next twelve to twenty four hours.

Neither cyclone is expected to affect populated areas before Wednesday, but high seas will start to build and present a threat to shipping.

Sea surges could also become a threat.