27 Jan 2005

Norway team postpones new Kon-Tiki voyage

9:04 am on 27 January 2005

A Norwegian team including the son of the adventurer Thor Heyerdahl has decided to postpone a UN-sponsored Pacific research voyage until next year.

The Tangaroa expedition had planned to launch an all-new version of Mr Heyerdahl's 1947 Kon-Tiki raft, from Ecaudor, this April, a bid to learn more about early navigation across Polynesia.

The expedition planners say several important collaborators and supporters have decided to give money to relief efforts after last month's tsunami.

However the expedition members are travelling to Ecuador next week to examine giant balsa trees needed for the vessel, which is being designed by Norwegian shipbuilders.

The team says an upcoming seminar held by the Norwegian maritime museum will tell them more about how ancient people steered ocean-going vessels.