25 Jan 2005

Fiji's Labour Minister unconcerned over recruitment of people to Kuwait

7:19 pm on 25 January 2005

Fiji's Labour Minister, Kenneth Zinck, says there is no cause for alarm over the number of staff being recruited to work in Kuwait.

A recruitment company, Meridian Services, is reported to have said that it hopes to have five thousand employees from Fiji in Kuwait within the next month.

It has also begun hiring women and is looking for staff to work as nurses, caterers and laundry and office assistants.

Mr Zinck says the overseas jobs are helping with Fiji's unemployment problem, but there are no plans to attract other offshore recruitment firms:

"It's on a level that I think we are comfortable with. As far as campaigning and getting more of that to be done at the moment I think we are quite satisfied at this stage."

Mr Zinck says it is now important to step up training to replace expertise that might be being taken off shore