24 Jan 2005

CNMI says Japanese retirees are welcome, if they are healthy

7:52 pm on 24 January 2005

The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana's medical Director of Health, Dr Robin Shearer, says he welcomes Japanese retirees who are healthy.

This follows a proposal to develop a housing area for retirees that provides medical and recreational facilities in one.

He says they've had quite a number of enquiries from Japanese retirees about medical services provided in the CNMI.

Dr Shearer says there are no nursing facilities, and no chronic care centres on any of the islands.

"We're a small set of islands in the middle of the Pacific, with a minimum time of transportation of 3 and a half hours to Japan by air, and if they were healthy people, they'll have the same services available to them as the islanders do here."

Dr Shearer says the option of Japanese retirees bringing their own physicians wouldn't be a problem, as long as they have been licensed in America.