24 Jan 2005

American Samoa Senate rejects two Cabinet appointments

11:50 am on 24 January 2005

The Senate in American Samoa has overwhelmingly rejected two cabinet appointments.

They are Treasurer, Francis Leasiolagi, and Human Resources Director, Puni Penei Sewell.

Only 3 senators gave their support to Leasiolagi while 12 voted against him.

The vote for Puni was 4 in favour and 11 against.

The rejection of Leasiolagi came as a shock as he had largely been credited with restoring the government's financial accounting systems and getting annual audits for the government up to date.

Puni had been Director of Manpower Resources for the last seven years.

One of the reasons why he did not get confirmed is thought to be because he has retired but was rehired on contract as a director.