24 Jan 2005

American Samoa firm boosts Palau border control

6:34 am on 24 January 2005

The Palau government's new border management system designed in American Samoa has been credited for intercepting illegal entrants using fake passports.

The Horizon News in Palau reports that two Chinese nationals, recently tried to enter the country but the electronic border control system installed at the airport detected irregularities in the individuals' passports and the system rejected them.

The owner of Express Electronic, Gary Sword, says the computer system for the Palau government was designed and built in American Samoa.

Mr Sword says Palau's immigration computer system, which is worth nearly four hundred thousand US dollars, has been funded by a grant from the US Department of Interior.

He says the partnership is a part of the Interior Department's push for Pacific Partnerships as promoted by the federal agency's investment conference last year.