21 Jan 2005

Solomons police injured in labour row leave hospital

8:27 am on 21 January 2005

Two police officers have been released from hospital in Solomon Islands' after a clash with striking workers at the Russell Islands plantation in Yandina.

Four people were arrested after striking workers threw stones at thirty local police officers and five regional assistance mission police trying to shield workers loading a vessel with copra.

Labourers at the Yandina RIPEL plantation in the Central Province have been on strike for a year, demanding the removal of the management.

The strike has meant many families have gone hungry and sporadic violence has broken out.

The Acting Police Commissioner for Crime, Jackson Ofu, says more than thirty police officers are now in Yandina trying to maintain order.

He says the Commissioner of Territorial Operations, John Lansley, is in Yandina talking to both management and the workers about law and order.